About BSBI

Do you find it difficult to practice over the summer months?

Would you like to meet other musicians from around Berks County with a similar love of band music?

Berks Summer Band Institute is a multi-generational summer band program for Berks County band musicians.

We have four bands of varying levels for musicians of all ages, including a 1st year band, 2nd year band, middle school band, and high school / adult band.

The First-Year Band is geared towards new band students who have played in their beginning band program at their school.

The Second-Year Band is geared to most students who have played two years in their school band program.

The Middle School Band is geared to students who have played 3 – 5 years in their school bands (typically entering 7th to 9th grade).

The High School /Adult Band is geared to musicians who are entering 10th grade and above.

If you have any questions concerning which band to register for, talk to your school band director, or feel free to contact Mr. Kemmerer at bsbi@ptd.net.


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